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Life on Mars- Documentary

An interesting short documentary on one of the most famous Bowie’s songs. 

Done by DR2 Tema Lordag- smells northern but no idea from which country exactly it is (my guess is Sweden?); the important thing is that they’ve done a great job and that 95% of it is in English. 

I’m repeating myself, but Bowie is just really such an inspiration..

Title: Unknown
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
Played: 11 times

I’m back to Blog City, or at least its suburbs. 

And what a better way to restart than sharing what I’ve been obsessed with for the last two days. David Bowie. 

This is the shortened (and a bit better I dare to think) version of this ultimate hit. I am completely in love with it. And its creator. 

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Title: UnknownThe Man Who Sold The Word
Artist: UnknownNirvana
Album: UnknownMTV unplugged
Played: 20 times

Nirvana - The Man who sold the world
MTV Unplugged

I haven’t listened to this song since a long long time ago… 

I still think Bowie’s version is better… But the acoustic guitar here is marvelous. Youtube and my friend here seem to think they’re 50-50. 

But Bowie is Bowie. (His name looks weirder the more I look at it Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowie Bowieee)